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Visiting additional territories

Visiting additional territories

For a better understanding of the best practice territories analysed in the project, additional short study visits to two of these territories were conducted by ACR+ and PROPAKMA in August 2016.

One of the additional study visits took place in Liège, a Belgian good practice territory. ACR+ joined this visit, together with representatives of its member Intradel which had organised it. They visited the Recol’Terre/ Tri-Terre sorting plant for paper and carton which treats all municipal paper and cardboard collected in Intradel territories, 55.000 tonnes per year for 1 million inhabitants. Thanks to a well-established separate collection system, the quantity and quality of Paper for Recycling on the Intradel territory is already quite satisfactory, with an impurity of non-paper material of less than 1 %. A few changes in the collection system are currently being implemented which are expected to result in further improvements. The visit was completed with a meeting with the deputy mayor of the city of Liege responsible for environment and thus waste management.

In addition, PROPAKMA visited the German best practice territory and the complete collection system, including bring banks, DtD collection, and the resource yard (recycling yard). They met representatives from the local waste collector Dorr as well as the waste and resource management association ZAK and conducted street interviews with citizens.
Waste and resources of the city of Kempten and the two counties Oberallgäu and Lindau in Southern Germany are managed by one association. The system of collecting paper for recycling is very satisfying for citizens and results in a good quality material. Bring banks for each 500 to 600 citizens with containers for paper and board as well as resource yards for 7500 to 8000 people each are the default systems. Volunteer collections and optional Door-to-Door collection complete the service.