Recycling facts

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Paper fibre has

loops in Europe.

Europe is the paper recycling world champion

About 72% of paper is recycled in Europe.

Paper and board is the most recycled packaging in Europe.

58 million tonnes of PfR are collected from households, commerces, industry and offices.

Countries with separate collection schemes reach higher recycling rates with better quality of the PfR collected.

The theoretical maximum recycling rate of paper is 79% 

A fibre can be recycled several times, yet not indefinitely, depending on the paper grade, therefore there is a continuous need to feed the inflow of recovered fibre with paper products made of virgin pulp. The share of non-collectable and non-recyclable paper is, for technical reasons, estimated to be 21% of the total paper and board consumption, such as libraries, archives, sanitary paper, etc… Consequently the theoretical maximum collection rate would be 79% instead of 100%. The more one approaches this threshold, the less benefit one can make from it (long transportation, no economies of scale, etc.). Many countries have already reached this threshold.

About 72%  of paper is recycled in Europe