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The eLearning Modules

The eLearning Modules

Often public servants lack time to attend workshops and trainings. Two eLearning modules have thus been designed specifically for the busy practitioners and will soon be available online. Practical and engaging, they focus on two topics: selective collection and recycling.

The eLearning modules promote the messages of the IMPACTPapeRec project on the importance of separate collection and recycling of paper and cardboard materials. They are based on the project findings and outcomes, including the contents of the Good and Best Practices Handbook, the Key performance indicators (KPI) tool and the selection tree.

The topic of the first one is “Separate collection”. It has four lessons, starting with introduction with some general information, description of the EU waste policy and legislation, presentation of the different types of collection systems, and an explanation of separate collection of paper and board for recycling. The second lesson presents the 34 good and best practices that are included in the Handbook. Lesson three is focused on incentives and policy measures, which corresponds to a dedicated chapter in the Handbook. Lesson four is about the additional tools developed to help a territory evaluate their collection system.

The second module is on “Recycling”. It describes the role of recycling in the circular economy and in EU waste policies and legislation, explains the different grades of paper, and also presents the European standard EN 643 on paper for recycling. The second lesson describes the different steps of the recycling process and concludes with key messages.