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The methodology used for the identification of GP/BP is completely explained in Deliverable 2.2_ Methodology for IMPACTPapeRec Best Practice and Working instructions. Moreover, the methodology for the analysis of the GP and BP is completely explained in the Deliverable 3.2_Innovative models and best practices to be implemented in cities under study.

Contact list

Partner Name Surname e-mail
ITENE Antonio Dobon
Cesar Aliaga
Dolores Herrero
Silvia Martínez
CEPI Ulrich Leberle
Giulia Fadini
Annie Xystouris
ACR+ Lisa Labriga
Bilyana Spasova
Hamburger Recycling Slobodan Simovic
Maja Huljev
PTS Lydia Tempel
Mike Schiefer
DIN Alexandra Engelt