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In the framework of IMPACTPapeRec, two eLearning modules have been designed specifically for the busy practitioners. Practical and engaging, they focus on two topics: selective collection and recycling.

The eLearning modules promote the messages of the IMPACTPapeRec project on the importance of separate collection and recycling of paper and cardboard materials. They are based on the project findings and outcomes, including the contents of the Good and Best Practices Handbook, the Key performance indicators (KPI) tool and the selection tree. You can see their structure below.

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Module one - Separate Collection

Lesson 1 – Introduction

  1. Different types of waste typically generated by European households
  2. Waste policy and legislation in the EU
  3. Legislation and current situation
  4. Different types of collection and their characteristics
  5. The importance of separate collection of paper and board for recycling

Lesson 2 – Good and best practices in separate collection

  1. Operational
  2. Policy, legislation and economic
  3. Monitoring and control
  4. Information and communication

Lesson 3 – Incentives and policy measures

  1. Legal and economic
  2. Social and communication
  3. Technical and operational

Lesson 4 – Evaluation of (your) current system

  1. Use of the KPI tool
  2. Use of the selection tree

Module two- Recycling

Lesson 1 – Introduction

  1. Recycling as part of the circular economy
  2. EU waste policy and legislation on recycling
  3. Different grades of paper and their recycling
  4. The European standard for paper for recycling EN 643

Lesson 2 – The recycling process

  1. Collection
  2. Sorting
  3. Recycling processes
  4. Conclusion