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IMPACTPapeRec aims to put Europe at the forefront of paper for recycling collection.

IMPACTPapeRec aims to further increase the separate collection of paper for recycling (PfR) and promote appropriate schemes to avoid landfilling and incineration. The main objective is to put Europe at the forefront of PfR collection by providing an innovative and common knowledge platform, which will enable present and future cooperation. Analysis on best practices in PfR collection and assessment procedures are delivered, considering specific local conditions. They will encourage reliable decisions and make solutions available to decision-makers ensuring the procurement and supply of PfR in Europe through the improvement of municipal paper collection. The project focuses on countries with below average paper recycling rates such as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania as well as countries where paper from households, small shops and offices is often collected in a commingled stream with other recyclables as is the case in France and the UK. A best practice handbook will be developed to support the different EU regions in the implementation of best collection procedures.

IMPACTPapeRec wants to act as the common European information point for PfR collection for the European industry, by pooling and disseminating information and bringing together stakeholders from the value chain to exchange results, findings and experiences. In order to improve the development and promotion of best practices in paper collection there is a need for common evaluation and benchmarking methodologies.