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The Handbook of Good and Best Practices

The Handbook of Good and Best Practices

The Good and Best Practice Handbook is the main achievement of the IMPACTPapeRec project. By reading it, European regions and municipalities will find valuable information to improve their collection of paper for recycling thanks to the implementation of the best collection procedures and practices bringing better results. This Good and Best Practices Handbook can be downloaded as a pdf document but is also available on the IMPACTPapeRec website. The online version includes additional tools such as an excel tool to evaluate the municipality performance through KPIs and an interactive Selection Tree tool to help municipalities find the most suitable practices to be implemented on their territories. The 34 good and best practices factsheets which are part of the Handbook can also be accessed directly from the project website.

To make sure that this Good and Best Practice Handbook replies to the real needs of municipalities, it has been validated by the different territories involved in the project in Romania, Bulgaria, France, UK and Poland. The conclusions from the validation show that the more a certain practices is similar to the local situation, the more it is likely to be accepted. Thus, establishing regional or national “lighthouse” projects is expected to have a large influence on the perception and acceptance of the proposed solutions.

The overall feedback of the municipalities on the handbook was very positive. The online availability of the handbook content and the provided tools are especially appreciated. The information and the tools provided are considered to be very interesting and useful for municipalities and other stakeholders involved in paper and board collection.