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Municipality workshops

Municipality workshops

To spread the knowledge gathered and the best and good practices developed amongst a wider audience in the participating clusters, a series of municipality workshops was developed and implemented in all project municipalities, and most of the project clusters.

The workshops were held in each of the five cluster municipalities that are project partners: Dupnitsa and Mezdra in Bulgaria, the territory covered by Trivalis in France, as well as Mihai Viteazu and Sfantu Gheorghe from Romania. In addition to this, workshops were organised in Liège in Belgium as well as in Szczecin, Poland. Both of these territories had been studied over the course of the project and have been included in several deliverables.

The focus of the workshops was the application of the handbook contents tailored for each specific territory, specifically the good and best practices. Each territory selected on average ten most relevant and interesting good and best practices to be discussed during the workshop, considering the specific conditions and needs of each municipality.

The workshops for municipalities were perceived as a unique opportunity for different stakeholders to come together and discuss openly potential new practices that could be applied on their territory. Several ideas that were developed during the workshop have been taken up by the municipalities and will be discussed further in order to evaluate the realistic potential of their implementation.

A document – soon available online – gives more information onthe methodology used during the workshops and their planning, and includes comprehensive reports about each workshop implemented.