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Policy recommendations and incentives

Policy recommendations and incentives

An overview of the current policy landscape in the field of separate collection of paper for recycling is provided by a report published by IMPACTPapeRec partners. Entitled Recommendations on policy activities and incentives, this report deals with the development of innovative policy schemes and initiatives to boost the collection of paper for recycling and the quality of collected material. More specifically, it looks into innovative policy tools facilitating and supporting the implementation process of best practices. These measures should contribute to the enhanced efficiency and sustainability of European paper collection systems.

The report is divided in two parts: Incentives and Policy Measures. The current methods used to push for more separate collection systems are analysed and where there appears to be flaws, suggestions and recommendations are made in an attempt to solve recurrent issues. The core of the report is five final top recommendations for future policy measures and incentives. Based on the outcomes of the informative meeting held in Barcelona in January 2017, these recommendations are designed to be applied through the series of policy measures and incentives identified during the course of the project. They target different groups that are part of the paper recycling and value chain processes, as well as European and National institutions.