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Study visit to Liège, Belgium – August 2016

Study visit to Liège, Belgium – August 2016

In August, project partner ACR+ visited Liège, a good practice territory . The visit was organised by ACR+ member Intradel, who had also provided most of the information for data collection. Together with representatives from Intradel, ACR+ visited the Recol’Terre/ Tri-Terre sorting plant for paper and carton which treats all municipal paper and cardboard collected in Intradel territories, 55.000 tonnes per year for 1 million inhabitants. Thanks to a well-established separate collection system, the quantity and quality of Paper for Recycling on the Intradel territory is already quite satisfactory, with an impurity of non-paper material of less than 1 %. A few changes in the collection system are currently being implemented which are expected to result in further improvements.
The visit was completed with a meeting with the deputy mayor of the city of Liege responsible for environment and thus waste management. Together with his team and Intradel, the meeting helped to clarify the last open questions regarding the waste management system in Liege and on the Intradel territory and gave important inputs to the finalisation of the best practice report.