Good and Best Practice Factsheets

Each Good Practice and Best Practice is described in an individual factsheet  (available for download in pdf format at the bottom of this page). Factsheets contain introductory information which municipalities can use to implement each practices. They were designed as a starting point to help municipalities with the implementation of potential solutions.

The front and back side of a sample backsheet. The different sections are highlighted.
The front and back side of a sample backsheet. The different sections are highlighted.

Each factsheet contains the following information:


This section provides the reader with the essential context needed to understand the research problem and its significance. The content of the background varies depending on the GP or BP so that it is truly relevant to practice explained. It can describe the state of the art of technology, collection system, or relevant information that provides a basic understanding of the problem to the municipalities.


Clear and short description of the practice. Basic instructions to let the municipality know what to do to implement the GP or BP.

Examples where the practice is already implemented

Each GP and BP has its own example(s) so that the user can visualize how it has been implemented in other municipalities/centres. As much as possible, the impacts and outcomes of these implementation have also been included. These examples include illustrative pictures and elements to facilitate the understanding of the GP and BP.

Keep in mind that

In this section municipalities can see the description of the main conditions for the application of each GP and BP, as well as potential issues that are important for the success of the implementation.

How to start?

This section includes tips to help the user with the implementation of the GP and BP. The objective of this section is to work as a starting point of the implementation of the GP and BP in the municipalities. In case of implementation, some GP and BP will need further information from professional and expert people.

Potential benefits

According to the nature of each GP and BP, the potential benefits that can be achieved with their implementation have been divided in a general way in economic, environmental and social.


The sources of the information included in the factsheet.

You can download them in pdf format below:

  1. Operational aspects
    1. Specific collection systems adapted to the real needs
    2. Volunteer collection of paper and board
    3. Separate collection system for graphic paper
    4. Underground containers in higher population density areas
    5. Compacting collection trucks
    6. Container opening system adapted to paper and board
    7. Constant technological innovation in paper and board recycling
    8. User friendly collection containers
  2. Policy, legislation and economic aspects
    1. Ambitious strategy and targets
    2. Cluster of municipalities
    3. Pay-as-you-throw
    4. Tender for waste and recyclables collection service
    5. Boost paper & board collection in public institutions
    6. Association of citizens giving direct feedback to municipalities
  3. Monitoring and control
    1. Data collection and monitoring of the quality of Paper of Recycling quality parameters
    2. Monitoring and control of the composition of residual waste and paper and board and other recyclables streams
    3. Control measures against theft of paper
    4. Software on optimization of collection routes
    5. Control of the containers filling level
    6. Publication of paper collection KPIs
  4. Information and communication
    1. Information on containers and bags
    2. Communications package
    3. Include citizens in the information loop
    4. Waste ambassadors
    5. Website on paper and board recycling
    6. Roadshows, events and workshops
    7. Monitoring of communication campaigns
    8. Publication of stimulating news on paper and board recycling
    9. Competitions rewarding the best performance in recycling
    10. Educational areas in recycling yards
    11. Dissemination of environmental and economic benefits of paper recycling
    12. Involvement of celebrities in awareness campaigns
    13. Targeted communications campaigns