Best practice handbook

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The main outcome of the integrated work carried out by the IMPACTPapeRec project partners is the Best Practice Handbook in which best practices and collection systems are analysed. You can see the structure below. A preliminary version of the handbook will be ready in June.

  1. Introduction: Objectives of the handbook
    1. Facts & Figures
    2. Definitions
    3. Case studies
  2. Legislation, standardization & incentives
    1. Current situation in different European countries (level of implementation of EU legislation and national recycling rates)
    2. Relevant European legislation and obligations for Member States.
    3. Objective and benefits of European standardization
    4. Incentives for paper recycling.
  3. Collection systems for Paper for Recycling
    1. Comingled waste collection
    2. Separate collection
    3. Selective collection
    4. Door-to-Door collection
    5. Bring Banks
    6. Recycling yards
  4. Good and best practices for Paper for Recycling collection
    1. How to identify a good practice and best practice
    2. List of Good Practices
    3. Good Practices Factsheets
  1. Evaluation of your performance in Paper for Recycling collection
  2. Selection tree
  3. Background & more information
    1. The Project
    2. Methodology of the project
    3. Literature & sources
    4. Contact list