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Visiting the sorting unit of Vendée Tri

Visiting the sorting unit of Vendée Tri

During the General Assembly in la Roche-sur-Yon in France, the project consortium had the chance to visit Vendée Tri – the new sorting center of the partner Trivalis. The centre was constructed in 2017 and began operations in the beginning of 2017, at the same time as the extension of the packaging collection across the region came into effect. As a result of this extension, sorting instructions for the citizens are simplified since all packaging materials (except glass) are being collected together – plastics, steel, aluminium, board, multi-layered packaging. Once at the plant, a series of sorting lines allow the separation of the mixed packaging into a dozen fractions, using different technologies, including advanced optical sorting, and manual quality control. The sorted fractions are afterwards compacted and sent for recycling in facilities around France and in Europe.

The sorting plant also has a dedicated education space, specifically targeting school children, but also available to adults, in order to educate about sorting and recycling of packaging and to raise awareness about protection of natural resources more generally.