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Latest updates from IMPACTPapeRec project

Latest updates from IMPACTPapeRec project

The IMPACTPapeRec team has carried out a huge amount of field work during these first 6 months of the project. After the first visits in Madrid and in the two Bulgarian municipalities of Dupnitsa and Mezdra,  project partners visited the municipalities of Sfantu Gheorghe and Mihai Viteazu in Romania. There, the participants learned about the collection systems in the two territories and got a better idea of the main problems encountered and good practices applied. During the three-day visit, project partners visited the separate collection schemes for households and small shops, sorting and treatment facilities, as well as a pan-regional logistics center of Kaufland and Hamburger Recycling in Cluj-Napoca.

Partners also joined the other study visits organised during June and July in Trivalis (FR), Methyr (UK) and Szczecin (PL).

After this field work, it is now time to compile, collate and analyse the info collected from the municipalities in order to set up the benchmarks for the development of the methodology and best practice handbook. The programme of the next months includes several discussion workshops within project partners, but also with the External Support Committee (ESC) of the project, constituted by 13 external experts in the field of paper recycling.

The outcomes of both the data analysis and the workshops will be then used to prepare a methodology for the assessment of the best practice application in the municipalities, as well as a series of good practices for further increase of recycling of paper. Best practices from those territories with high rates of recycling (Spain, Germany, Belgium, etc.) will be extracted, in order to match with the needs of those territories in the selected clusters of the project (Bulgaria, Romania, UK, France and Poland).