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Informative meeting

informative meeting

Informative meeting

In October 2017 we organised the second informative meeting at the European Forestry House in Brussels. The meeting lasted 1.30 hours and was attended by several European Commission key stakeholders.

Partners ITENE, ACR+ and CEPI presented the highlights of the project. Welcome and an introduction of the project was given by ITENE, who outlined the general features of ImpactPapeRec. ACR+ then continued by introducing the main outcome of the project: the Good and Best Practices Handbook for the collection of Paper and Board for Recycling. CEPI finished off by presenting the outcomes from policies and incentives  for improving separate collection of Paper for Recycling.

The presentations sparked the attendees’ interest and generated a number of interesting questions. All participants were eager to receive more information about the project and to keep in touch for future initiatives related to ImpactPapeRec. We would like to thank all of our partners that came to Brussels for the support and their hard work!