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IMPACTPapeRec visits Romania

IMPACTPapeRec visits Romania

The third study visit was organised in the month of April, leading the project partners to the Romanian partners in Sfantu Gheorghe and Mihai Viteazu (Cluj county). Thanks to the intensive and comprehensive programme set up by Sfantu Gheorghe municipality and TEGA as well as by Mihai Viteazu municipality, the participants learned a lot about the collection systems in the two territories and got a better idea of the main problems encountered and good practices applied. Organised by the municipalities and project partner TEGA, in cooperation with PTS, the study visit was joined by ITENE, ACR+, Hamburger Recycling, PTS, and Carrefour.

Thanks to involvement of both the municipality itself as also the local waste management company who has the contract for household waste collection in Sfantu Gheorghe, the hosts were able to provide a very complete picture of the waste collection scheme in Sfantu Gheorghe. In Mihai Viteazu as well participants met different stakeholders involved in the system, including local professionals of Hamburger Recycling. This multi-stakeholder approach helped grasping the local and national situation and context. During the three-day visit to both municipalities, project partners visited the separate collection schemes for households and small shops, sorting and treatment facilities, as well as a pan-regional logistics center of Kaufland and Hamburger Recycling in Cluj-Napoca. Thanks to the perfect organisation by the municipalities of Sfantu Gheorghe and Mihai Viteazu in cooperation with TEGA, the project partners enjoyed an enriching study visit to Romania!