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Discover IMPACTPapeRec Handbook

Discover IMPACTPapeRec Handbook

The main outcome of the work carried out by the IMPACTPapeRec project is a Good and Best Practices Handbook. This handbook contains valuable information able to assist the different European regions to improve the separate collection of paper and board for recycling. Also, it supports municipalities in the implementation of best collection procedures and practices which bring greater results.

A comprehensive list of good and best practices has been identified using methodological approach for data collection and analysis. This methodological approach includes site visits and questionnaires to the “best performing territories” and “cluster municipalities” in Europe along with benchmarking analysis and expert judgment discussions as well as an extensive literature review. For the data analysis, several rounds of workshops were conducted with active participation and input from all project partners and experts from the External Support Committee.

  • The Good and Best Practices Handbook provides:
  • A knowledge database on current strategies, concepts and activities in best performing territories municipalities and regions in Europe.
  • 34 good and best practices factsheets in paper for recycling collection divided in four strategic groups: “operational aspects”, “policy, legislation and economic aspects”, “monitoring and control” and “information and communication”. Each factsheet includes a section of background, action to be implemented by the municipality, examples of good or best practices already implemented, aspects to keep in mind, how to start and potential benefits (economic, environmental and social). Moreover, the factsheets include a section with references to obtain further and complete information.
  • An excel tool to evaluate the municipality performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to compare itself to other territories and to track its own progress over time. The tool is already available on the IMPACTPapeRec website.
  • An interactive selection tree tool which leads to the most suitable practices to be implemented in those areas where the municipalities have identified potential improvements in order to increase the separate collection of paper and board. Preliminary version of the selection tree tool is already available on the IMPACTPapeRec website.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
  • Contacts for further information.

The Good and Best Practices Handbook is already an alive document and its contents are being progressively uploaded on the project website. It will be continuously updated until the end of the project in January 2018.