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informative meeting

Informative meeting

In October 2017 we organised the second informative meeting at the European Forestry House in Brussels. The meeting lasted 1.30 hours and was attended by several European Commission key stakeholders. Partners ITENE, ACR+ and CEPI presented the highlights of the project....

New posters and leaflets for citizens

IMPACTPapeRec has created a new poster and leaflet for citizens, promoting separate collection of paper for recycling. This new material is currently being used at workshops taking place all around Europe and is available in all the languages of the...

Discover IMPACTPapeRec Handbook

The main outcome of the work carried out by the IMPACTPapeRec project is a Good and Best Practices Handbook. This handbook contains valuable information able to assist the different European regions to improve the separate collection of paper and board...

Visiting additional territories

For a better understanding of the best practice territories analysed in the project, additional short study visits to two of these territories were conducted by ACR+ and PROPAKMA in August 2016. One of the additional study visits took place in Liège,...