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How to identify a good and best practice

Best practice

Best practice is an essential practice that should be implemented everywhere: it has a positive impact and is crucial to success.

Good practice

Good practice is a practice that brings further better results but might not be possible to be implemented everywhere, it brings a positive impact only under certain conditions and/or it is also not crucial to success.

The classification into best or good practice depends on three conditions:

  • it is possible to be implemented everywhere
  • it brings a positive impact
  • it is crucial to success

To constitute a Best Practice, all three conditions should necessarily apply. A practice is classified as Good Practice if this is not the case or if one or more conditions apply in a conditional way (it is not possible to implemented everywhere, it brings a positive impact only under certain conditions, it is not crucial to success).

The methodology to identify good and best practices to boost the paper collection for efficient recycling in your municipality consists mainly in two steps:

1. Identify municipality requirements

In order to be as most effectiveness as possible, it is vital to identify the specific needs of your municipality as well as the needs of your citizens and the community you serve. This step involves not only considering immediate needs, but also anticipating future needs.

2. Identify applicable Good Practices

After you have identified areas of need, you will begin to benchmark potential practices to address them. This can be done by identifying existing practices that the project has validated to meet the criteria of a best, promising, or innovative practice while meeting the needs of your citizens and municipality targets.

List of Good and Best Practices

Read all about the good and best practices identified from IMPACTPapeRec clusters, partners expertise, bibliographic research and workshop results. They are grouped in four different categories: Operational aspects, Policy, Legislation and Economic aspects, Monitoring and Control and Information and Communication.

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Good and Best Practice Factsheets

Based on the List of Good and Best practices, we have prepared factsheets for every practice, detailing existing examples, action points, tips and advice on where to start, potential benefits, and more.

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